“We have new moments for the cricketers of Saudi Arabia. Celebrating 10th anniversary of Saudi Cricket, we have initiated an OPEN TALENT HUNT PROGRAM to find out gifted and skilled players in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And it is my pleasure to announce that Shahid Afridi, the famous all-rounder of Pakistan and Iqbal Sikandar, the development officer of Asian Cricket Council will be here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for this very special purpose.” said Ahmed Nadeem Nadwi, CEO SCC, preserving a semblance of dignity.

“The best cricketer in domestic cricket had dreamt of competing for the national squads of Saudi Arabia and now their dreams are coming closer and I hope that they will chase their own dreams.” His message was simple but no less resonant.

Inspiring Youth

“I can feel the spirit from now on. I can visualize the predictable mix of Cricket die-hards who will gather around at the event venues from early afternoons. It’s all about the great sport of Cricket and I sense a realistic hope of positive accomplishments. It will be a great event for Saudi Arabian Cricket and I am excited to join the mood of the moment.” said Iqbal Sikandar, the Development Officer of Asian Cricket Council.

“Unveiling the talent in 5 feverish days while celebrating 10th anniversary of Saudi Cricket is itself a recreation. It is about aspiring yourself to stir your soul with some magical moments of Cricket. Competing in honor and glory of sport will be an ultimate experience for the domestic players. ACC U19 Elite Cup Malaysia is scheduled from May 1, 2013 where Saudi Arabia will compete with conviction and pride and certainly the unique magic will be released upon young talented players.  I announce a wild applause for Saudi Cricket as they have taken a right step at right time.”

About us


Welcome to Saudi Cricket. For decades, cricket has been a choice of thousands of expatriates pursuing their future in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are enjoying the open and welcoming spirit of this great game. Saudi Cricket takes pride in bringing cricket to its structured form to raise the quality and uphold the name of this great game at national level.

Saudi Cricket Center(SCC) was established in year 2001 under the patronage of HRH Princess Ghada Bint Hamood Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saoud. Stimulated by other international organizations, SCC has flourished with the guiding objective of “Development and Promotion of the game of Cricket in Saudi Arabia”.

Saudi Cricket Centre is the only legal and indigenous entity registered with General Presidency of Youth Welfare to control the game of Cricket in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is officially affiliated with Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and International Cricket Council (ICC), which enable to control all overseas tours, regional competitions and Cricket at grass root level within the national parameters.

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